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LLSoftball chapter established

07 Sep 2013, Posted by Jaguars Softball Club in Little League


The first meeting of the North Charter Committee was called to order at 8.30pm at SWA Mirrabooka after the conclusion of the Charter Establishment meeting.


Present: Nathan Atkinson, Natalie Berriman, Nigel Macey, Kevin Osborne, Sharon Perkins, Laurie Prior, Mitch and Toni Sideris, Donna Titheradge



Due to first meeting, all items will be listed under:-


General Business:

  • North Charter to be made up of 6 teams. Bayswater, Carine x 2, Jags, Morley, Vikings
  • All teams to provide 1-2 members to sit on the Committee.
  • Nominations were called for the following
    • President      NIGEL MACEY                    voted and passed
    • Treasurer     SHARON PERKINS    voted and passed
    • Secretary      none                       Sharon have offered to do on a temp basis

                                        until position is filled.

·       LP stated that Morley was unable to confirm a nomination of a team. To be confirmed before next meeting.

·       Season schedule – Possible options:

o   1st Preference

§   Mirrabooka – Wednesday 4.30-6.30pm (Games 5.00-6.30)

o   2nd Preference

§  Mirrabooka – Friday 4.30-6.30pm (Games 5.00-6.30)

o   With the option of using Carine’s secondary ground.

3 diamonds would be required at either venue. Mirrabooka has a usage rate charged by the hour. SP to email SWA to request venue availability. 

·       Potential  Dates of Season.

o   6 teams @ 4 Rounds          plus Finals             Min 20 fixtured + 1 Final

o   Dates

§  23/10/13 – 18/12/13        9 games

§  15/1/14 – 26/2/13           7 games

§  5/3/13         Break for Men’s Nationals

§  12/3/13 – 02/4/13           4 games

§  Finals           5th, 9th & 12th April




·       Mid season Tournament was raised. Not required will current volume of games.

·       Little League All-Star League will be held over the Easter Long Weekend in April.

o   Possible selection or trials to be discussed at a later stage.

·       Regulations state that minimum 2 Umpires are to be provided per game. NA will look into the possibility of getting Blues as part of an Umpiring Training Program that Roy is promoting. No charge is expected to be provided for umpires.

·       DT suggested that the LL Regulations should be read by all before the next meeting as it contains important info that needs to be discussed.

·       MS requested dispensation at Committee level for 2 players. One whom has just turned 13, and the second who will be shortly. Agreed.



Meeting was adjourned at           9.25pm. Next meeting is booked for 7pm Thursday 19th September 2013 at

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