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If you have recently played for another club you will need to send us your details (Full Name, Previous Club, Year last played and Date of Birth) to


FYI for Mens Vets Finals Tonight - Sans Motu ...

MASTERS UPDATE: Due to the current and pending Weather for today, tonights Masters Final Series games have been moved to the back diamonds. Diamond 1 games now on diamond 4 Diamond 2 games now on diamond 3

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The winter season is quickly approaching!! Registrations are open.
Juniors- U17's Girls only.....Who wants to play??

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Hi All
Just some information in regards to raffle tickets handed out today could you please place money and ticket stubbs in an envelope with the numbers of each ticket written on envelopes and hand back to coaches by 1st of April. If you require more tickets please leave a comment we have alot of tickets to sell this is a permitted raffle which means you can sell publicly, We as a club need to sell all tickets to make Viable and all members are required to sell all there tickets to help raise funds
Go Jags.

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Want to Play softball? For more info, contact the Jaguars Softball Club.

Subbies and juniors – Boys and girls Mixed – Interested?.

Its Not Teeball – Its Little League Softball
Played Teeball and not sure if you want to play Softball? Read more and contact the Jaguars Softball Club to come and try.

Want to Play softball? More info contact the Jaguars Softball Club.

LLWAThe Jaguars Softball Club is a Little League Softball Club. Check out our Little League News for more information.

For more information on Little League Softball contact us.

Jaguars Softball Club Inc. is a KidSport Club. For more information.

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